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All info and pictures are taken from internet and books
The Arowana is a very hardy fish. However, due to unsuitable water conditions, poor diet, high nitrate and ammonia levels, etc., illnesses like bulging eye, cloudy eye, gillcurling, external parasites, fin rot, dropsy and internal bleeding mayoccur. Watch out for the last two symptoms as they are likely to be fatal. In all cases, raise the water temperature to 34 degree celcius and add 0.03% salt to the water (ie 300g of salt for 100litres of water). Depending on respective cases, add a wide spectrum medicine with anti-bacterial oranti-parasitic compounds. One point to note; do not be too concerned over fin rot causedfighting. Even in cases where extensive damage to the whole tail has beendone, the recovery period is only a matter of weeks.

Damaged Operculum Membrane (Gill Curl)
Normally the gills cover of the Arowana curling is due to bad water quality and lack of swimming space. It happens only to fishes of 12 inches and above.  To correct this problem, you can perform a minor surgery on the fish.

~Click Here For Pictures Of The Operation~


Dragon Fish can survive in a wide range of water temperatures ( 24-32oC ). But that does not mean it will grow well. Also, a sudden change in temperature of more than 4oC at a time will often lead to death. The optimum temperature for the Dragon fish to thrive and survive is 28oC. A slighty lower temperature of about 22 to 25oC is used during transportation of the Dragon Fish. A higher temperature of about 30oC is used when it is sick. A point to note is that this is not true for every disease. For an example, if the fish already has damaged gills, an increase in temperature will hasten its death as the temperature will cause the dissolved oxygen level in the water to decrease. With damaged gills, the fish might just die from hypoxia. A simple thermometer can easily be purchased from your LFS to monitor the water temperature in the tank.


A water heater used to increase the temperature of the tank water.

Here are some of the common used treatment for your Aquarium.


- GarlicGuard
- Appetite/flavor enhancer for freshwater and saltwater fish.
- Will help renew the interest of poor or finicky eaters. 
- Contains the naturally derived, active ingredient found in garlic, allicin, which has been demonstrated to possess health promoting benefits.


- V-Maxx Vitamin gel
- Contains all 15 vitamins vital for fish in biologically balanced composition
- All vitamins are available in stabilized & micro-emulsified form
- the only way to guarantee a long-lasting potency up to the very last bit as well as a rapid absorption by the animal.
- It has the crucial advantage of adhering to the food while not dropping off or dissolving prematurely when entering the water. The animals can then take it up optimally.


- V-Booster
- Multi Vitamins with stable vitamin C
- Enhances colour and vitality for Arowana and other fish
- Increases willingness to spawn
- Help fish to copebetter in stressful situations


- Melafix
- Antibacterial remedy
- Rapidly repairs damaged fins
- Heals open wounds and ulcers
- Treats fin and tail rot
- Treats eye cloud
- Stops mouth fungus


- PimaFix
- Treats fungal infections and both internal and external bacterial infections.
- Will not adversely affect the biological filter
- Alter the pH, or discolour water
- Safe for reef aquariums and live plants
- For use in fresh or salt water
- PimaFix has been formulated to work in combination with MelaFix to enhance effectiveness against fish diseases.