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Selecting & Purchasing
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Some points to note when purchasing an Arowana fish:
All info and pictures are from internet
Swimming Posture - is amongst some of the important features when selecting an Arowana. Good swimming posture, coupled with stunning colors is the main reason why so many people are attracted to Arowana. It is the only mode of channel that the Dragon Fish can exhibit its grand and majestic beauty with. A good swimming posture is one with ease and effortless; turning should be smooth, graceful and at a moderately slow speed. At all times, its body should be straight, horizontal and at the top portion of the waters. When swimming, the front portion (including the head) of the body should remain stable and only the back portion (including the tail) demonstrates a wavy motion and in a gliding manner. Overall, swimming postures should be smooth and flexible as opposed to one that is stiff and jerky. A fish that swims with its head moving is probably a sick fish. A fish that swims with its body at an angle probably has a swimming bladder problem and such.
Body Shape - is another important area. A nice body shape refers to one that is broad, and proportionate with large fins and a pointed mouth. Apart from Chili Red, generally select an arowana with a little slope between its head and its back. A broad body shape is an important aspect to the overall beauty of this fish, since it enhances the value of the fish with its massive appearance and great body. Compared to its Red counterpart, the Cross Back Golden's body shape is generally less proportionate. The Cross Back have bigger head and eye, shorter body and smaller fins as compared to the Red Arowana. As for Chili Red,  spoon-headed shape with a very wide body is preferred since it gives a prosperous and forceful look.
Tail / Fins - should be big and proportionate to the body shape of the fish. Fins must be fully wide open when swimming and both pectoral fins must be widespread. Avoid choosing any fish with prolonged clamped fins. Fins color must be dark and strong with smooth even hard fin rays. The Cross Back Golden finnage is generally smaller as compared to the other species. Take note of this when making a selection.
Barbels - should be strong, straight, of equal length, pointing upwards and opens up like a Chinese Character Eight. Most importantly, the barbels should not be crooked and damaged anywhere near the root. The ideal  color of the barbels is of the same color as its body and  this is especially true for the Super Red arowana. Strong and long barbels indicate good conditions of the fish.
Eyes - should be proportionate to the overall size and shape of the body with each eye completely clear and of the same size and shape as the other. The black portion of the eyes should be just right in size, relative to the overall size of the eyes and avoid choosing a fish with overly protruding eyes. Generally, the Cross Back Golden will have bigger eyes.
Mouth / Lips - of arowana should be closed tightly without any kind of gap. Any kind of protruding of upper lip or lower lip is disastrous if too obvious. As a feature of Dragon Fish, the mouth should be considerably large, up-pointing, proud and arrogant looking.
Scales - should be bright, distinctive from one another, as large as possible, neatly arranged and not crooked.
Gills Cover - should be smooth and flat to its body, gill motions should not be too obvious when the fish is breathing.
Don't buy a fish just because your friends say it is attractive and good.  Consider carefully and see what's available. Always remember that Dragon Fish can grow up to 2ft when mature, so I recommend a big tank with a minimum of 4ft in length and 2ft in width.